18 Fatal Strikes
Angel on Fire
Ballistic Kiss
Battle Creek Brawl
Black Sea Raid
Blacksheep Affair
Blood Warrior
City Hunter
Claws of Steel
Crippled Masters
Deadly Ransom
Deadly Target
Death by Misadventure
Dragon Fist
Drunken Master Strikes back
Eastern Heroes
Evil Cult
Extreme High Voltage
Fantasy Mission Force
Fearless Hyena
Fearless Hyena 2
Fist of Fear, Touch of Death
Fist of Fury
Furious Monk from Shaolin
Gen-X Cops
Half a Loaf of Kung-Fu
Illigal Enrty
In Her Defence
Iron Bodygaurds
Iron Monkey Strikes Back
Killer Meteors
Lee-thal Weapon
Magnificent Bodygaurd
Master Of the Flying Guillotine
Musketeers Forever
New Fist of Fury
Ninja Avenger
Ninja in the Dragon's Den
Ninja over the Great Wall
Ninja Strike
Point the Finger of Death
Protector (JC)
Protector, The
Pure Race
Purple Storm
Raiders of the Shaolin Temple
Return the God of Gamblers
Return to a better tomorrow
Ring of Death
Secret Rivals
Shaolin Chamber of Death
Shaolin Drunkard
Silent Force
Snake and Crane arts of Shaolin
Spiritual Kung-Fu
Street Rivals
Sworn to Justice
That Beast in Homocide
Thou Shall not Kill but Once
To Kill with Intrigue
Top Fighter
Ultimate Weapon
Ultracop 2000



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